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Jun 17, 2005 Category:Finding Nemo movie-spoof | AlexCWebb Studios Wiki Finding Nemo in June 20, 2003 [edit | edit source]. Finding Nemo VHS November 4, 2003; Finding Nemo Special Edition DVD November 4, 2003; Finding Nemo DVD Edition Blu-Ray and DVD January 15, 2013 Category:Movie Spoofs | Scratchpad II Wiki | Fandom Movies Spoofs. Mary Poppins Movies; Linkladdin; Make Mine Music movie-spoof; Fun and Fancy Free movie spoof; Melody Time movie spoof; The Fox and the Hound movie spoof; Home on the Range Movie Spoof; Movies-spoof. Beauty and the King; Beauty and the King 2: The Enchanted Christmas; Scary Movie And 13 Other Great Parody Movies Available To Apr 29, 2020

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Spoof - definition of spoof by The Free Dictionary spoof (spo͞of) n. 1. A satirical imitation; a parody or send-up. 2. A deception or ruse. tr.v. spoofed, spoof·ing, spoofs 1. To do a spoof of; satirize. 2. To play a trick on; deceive. 3. Computers To assume or emulate the identity of (another user or device) in order to gain access to a system. [After Spoof, name of a game involving trickery and

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Spoof Movies: 10 Best Cameos, Ranked | ScreenRant Spoof films have garnered a tough reputation over the years, as their humor has generally lost its creativity. The comedy is rooted in the audience’s familiarity with anything popular, so lesser filmmakers eventually indulged obvious, lazy jokes. It became a game of references rather than inspired, understanding wit.