How to remove pics from instagram

To delete a photo or video that you've posted, tap (iPhone) or (Android) above your post and then tap Delete.Tap Delete again to confirm.. You can also archive posts to hide them from your profile and make it so your followers and other people on Instagram can't see it. When you archive a post, it keeps all its likes and comments.

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Matters that matter

What matters even more than how it turns out, is who we are in that moment. The essence of beginning with the end in mind can be summed up in one question: When the end of whatever “it” is comes, who do we want to be? Examples of endings are everywhere. Some that end well, and others not so much.

Hidden netflix

Jun 06, 2020 · So peruse our list of the best hidden gems and underrated movies on Netflix below, and for even more recommendations check out our curated list of the 75 best movies on Netflix right now.

How to download something using utorrent

uTorrent will now download the files on its own by connecting to seeders. In the meantime, others will be able to take bits of data from your computer. So, that’s how you download movies using uTorrent. Once the download is done, it’s advisable to keep uTorrent active for a while.

Is utorrent good – Editors Choice. In a market that is saturated with torrent clients, you would think that …

Iptables mangle table

The mangle table targets and extensions apply to the OUTPUT and PREROUTING chains. Remember, the filter table is implied by default. To use the mangle table features, you must specify the mangle table with the -t mangle directive. mark mangle Table Target Extension. Table 3.24 lists the target extensions available to the mangle table. Table 3

Northwestern vpn mac

4. Printing with KPrint (Windows / Mac) Connect your laptop to KPrint, the printing system deployed in the Global Hub, McManus, and Wieboldt buildings. 5. Available Software Get info on the discounted and free software available to you. 6. Running Windows on your Mac

Tv movie online streaming

If you want to remain safe while enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows, check out the following 30 free movie streaming sites online which are safe and legal to use. Moreover, you can also download various legal mobile apps for streaming media content on your smartphone or tablet as described on the article here.

Hotspot shield elite cnet

Hotspot Shield is brought to us by AnchorFree, an American company headquartered in California.It is also the name of a VPN worth of appraisal, whose biggest positive points are the stability of the speed in the company’s servers scattered around the world and the attractive prices of their subscriptions.Likewise, the company’s desktop program for computers and the app for mobile devices

How to get netgear

The AirCard App is the official app from NETGEAR for managing your AirCard Mobile Hotspot (formerly from Sierra Wireless). View your connection, settings, and data usage from the convenience of the mobile app. *MONITOR your mobile hotspot connection and battery life in real-time *VIEW CONNECTED Wi-Fi devices *TRACK DATA usage by month and session *TURN OFF your hotspot *CONFIGURE APN …