Dec 10, 2019 · The 10 Best Movie Scenes of the 2010s. A decade’s worth of stellar cinematic sequences, from The Social Network to Parasite. David Sims. December 31, 2019 .

Aug 04, 2015 1986 Press Photo Actor Tom Cruise, co-stars in "Top Gun 1986 Press Photo Actor Tom Cruise, co-stars in "Top Gun" Movie Scenes This is an original press photo. Commanding officer James Tolkan (left) alerts pilots Tom Cruise (right) and Anthony Edwards they have been selected to join the world's supreme flying force in Paramount Pictures' "Top Gun." Sep 08, 2019 · Without a doubt, this is one of the best scenes in movie history. They get so much into one scene – when Henry takes Karen on their first date and they make their way from the back of the IMDB/Shamley Productions. This might be the most recognizable movie scene of all time. As TCM explains, the movie being shot in black-and-white had one major advantage, and that's that Alfred Hitchcock was able to use chocolate syrup as the "blood" in the scene since viewers wouldn't be able to differentiate between red and brown.

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May 24, 2019 · The position of the SEALs is discovered at about the film's fifteen-minute mark, and from then on out until the movie's end, it's one of the most kinetic, crazy, firefights ever recorded in a war movie. There's no particular scene that can be picked out over any other, so instead, we simply have to nominate the entire film. There are countless movie kisses to choose from, but we believe this list contains the best movie kissing scenes of all time. From noir to introspective arthouse, American New Wave to superhero movies, we have it all covered here. Sound off in the comments below if you think we have missed anything. Warning: spoilers may follow! 10. 2 days ago · Sex scenes in movies are a time-honored tradition and Decider takes a look at the best movie sex scenes of 2020 (so far). These may be some of the last sex scenes we see in movies for a while. ‘Best Opening Scene in Movie History. Go’: That prompt from the Twitter account Super 70s Sports led to a very fun discussion. We encourage you to read through this thread and dive in if you like with your picks for best opening scenes. Or just tell us your pick in the comments below. Jul 18, 2019 · The 40 Best Space Movie Moments. From Star Wars to 2001: A Space Odyssey, these stunning sci-fi scenes stand the test of time. By John Gilpatrick. Jul 18, 2019 Warner Bros. Long before space was