Configuring OpenWRT Chillispot Wifidog Captive portal

Jan 28, 2013 4 Best Open source custom router firmware -H2S Media Aug 10, 2018 CoovaChilli Alternatives and Similar Software CoovaChilli is an open-source software access controller, based on the popular (but now defunct) ChilliSpot project, and is actively maintained by an original ChilliSpot contributor. CoovaChilli is a feature rich software access controller that provides a captive portal / walled-garden environment and uses RADIUS for access provisioning and OpenWrt Forum Archive

Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2007 14:11 Post subject: Chillispot login pages hosted on DD-WRT: Greetings. I have a Linksys WRTSL54GS running DD-WRT. I previously used OpenWRT to use this same equipment as a hotspot and now would like to migrate to DD-WRT because of some of the additional features built into the admin interface.

Configuring OpenWRT Chillispot Wifidog Captive portal solution; Hello, i need a captive portal solution to install inside a Simple Router that support OpenWRT linux package. I have avergae understanding of the problems so i know perfectly that is possible to create a simple captive portal for free, almost all commercial solution are based on Install OpenWRT, Chillispot, FreeRadius Based Managed

+# ChilliSpot-Authorize-Only in order to have any effect. +# Currently ChilliSpot-UAM-Allowed, ChilliSpot-MAC-Allowed and +# ChilliSpot-Interval is supported. These attributes override the uamallowed , +# macallowed and interval options respectively. +# Normally you do not need to uncomment this tag. +# option 'confusername' 'conf' + +# TAG

0001-fix-for-linux-tun.patch (1.1 KB) - added by Muhammad Nuzaihan Bin Kamal Luddin 5 years ago. add /dev/tun with /dev/net/tun … #4324 (chillispot broken macauth) – OpenWrt ChilliSpot 1.1.0 at least as of attempted build today of Kamikaze r13557 has a problem with the "macallowed" option. If used chilli will fail to start. Patch for it is noted in ChilliSpot forums here: