Client -> Server. Proxy. From the client side: Client -> proxy -> Server. From the server side: Client -> Server. Reverse proxy. From the client side: Client -> Server. From the server side: Client -> proxy -> Server. So I think if it set up by a client user,it is called a proxy; if it set up by a server manager it is a reverse proxy. Proxy Server Definition and Diagram Proxy Server. Proxy servers are computing devices (typically a server) that interface between data processing devices (e.g. computers) and other devices within a communications network. These devices may be located on the same local area network or an external network (e.g. the Internet). Using Creately Desktop from behind a proxy server

On the Define whether to route communication from the Replica Server via a proxy field, enter the details of the proxy after the https:// Note: If your proxy uses a non-standard port, then the firewall of the Replication Servers may need to be modified to allow outbound traffic to that specific port. You can modify outbound traffic in the

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Jan 06, 2018

On corporate networks, a proxy server is associated with -- or is part of -- a gateway server that separates the network from external networks (typically the Internet) and a firewall that protects the network from outside intrusion and allows data to be scanned for security purposes before delivery to a client on the network. These proxies Configuring Communication with the Internet - Tableau The following diagram illustrates the communication path when a client makes a request to Tableau Server that is configured to work with a reverse proxy server. An external client initiates a connection to Tableau Server.