Configuring Samba. Samba is a very mature and complex package, so its configuration file can be …

Jul 11, 2019 Personal Banking & Online Banking Services - Samba Samba offers range of convenient banking options to help you manage your finances anytime, anywhere - online, on your mobile, on the phone, or at our ATMs and branches. Choose the option that suits you best. Chapter 1. Learning the Samba - Samba - opening windows to What Is Samba? Samba is a suite of Unix applications that speak the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. Microsoft Windows operating systems and the OS/2 operating system use SMB to perform client-server networking for file and printer sharing and associated operations.

The printer name is used in the smb.conf when sharing the printer using Samba. For further details about the options used, see the printcap(5) man page. To create the spool directory, enter: # checkpc -f Restart the LPRng service. Enabling the spoolssd Service. The Samba spoolssd is a service that is

In the Shares tab, determine the Samba shares to activate. There are some predefined shares, like homes and printers. Use Toggle Status to switch between Active and Inactive.Click Add to add new shares and Delete to delete the selected share. Allow Users to Share Their Directories enables members of the group in Permitted Group to share directories they own with other users.

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