(*) Although Teredo is designed for NAT compatibility, it doesn't work through all existing NATs. 6.2. Supported Network Topologies. There are two ways to use an IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnel to connect to the IPv6 internet: using a point-to-point tunnel to a tunnel broker or an ISP-operated gateway, or using a non-broadcast multiple access (NBMA) tunnel and anycasted public gateways or relays.

Manual:Hurricane Electric Tunnel Broker Example for Home To be able to create the tunnel, you have to have a public IPv4 address and enable ping from Tunnel Broker IPv4 server. When you create a tunnel using Hurricane Electric Tunnel Broker, you will be given a routed /64 IPv6 prefix and additional information necessary for setting up the tunnel: FAQ : IPv6 : What is IPv6? :: SixXS - Tunnel broker After encapsulation, the IPv6 tunnel packet's header will contain the entry points address as the source and the tunnel exit point as the destination. Figure 3 : IPv6 Tunnel Packet The IPv6 Tunnel Packet is processed as any other IPv6 packet along the path through the IPv6 tunnel. 6in4 - Wikipedia

So there are “tunnel brokers” out there that are available to help you take your IPv4 and IPv6 client systems, and access IPv6 content on the Internet.

If you have own Autonomous System and IPv6 address space - request BGP enabled tunnel via e-mail! Support: forum , e-mail and 24h duty phone +380(44)2398999. IPv4/IPv6 transit from $0.3/mbit in Kiev, Lviv, Moscow, Warsaw and Frankfurt; Colocation, Dedicated servers - … Main :: SixXS - IPv6 Deployment & Tunnel Broker

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